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I watched the secondary pressure dial climb, ever closer to the primary. I kicked the lock away from the lever in the floor, the only one in the cabin unmarred from constant use.

"You sure about this?" I asked her. Hundredth time, easy. "You damned sure?"

She rumbled under me. Four blasts on the whistle, her assent. Firebox glowed as she primed her flames.

Didn't need me anymore.

Cabin door clanged open. Frost blew in like his namesake, slammed the door behind him, wheeled the seals closed. I glanced back at him.

"You're bleeding."

"Took one in the shoulder. Drones can't aim for shit. We're holding them two cars down from the coal, don't know how long we can keep them..."

"Don't need to now."

He looked at me. I looked at the firebox. She was beyond the need for coal. Beyond the need for greasy hands in black gloves on levers, squinted eyes poring over dials.


Primary and secondary matched. It was time.

I reached for the gleaming lever.

Frost yelled something, slammed into me as the cabin lit up in sparks. Drone had gotten past our guys in the coal car and gained a clear shot from outside the cab's window. Frost slumped against me, his chest slick and black in the firelight. I yanked his pistol from his holster, sent the drone spinning away with three slugs. Dropped the gun, grabbed the lever.

Four whistle blasts. Then a yank.

I unsealed the door and hauled Frost back to the coal car, both of us eating the floor soon as we crossed cars. The whole train shook like a god had kicked us. I knew her iron coffin was peeling away as the seals broke and the coils unraveled. I heard her scream, really scream, no whistles now. No windows in the coal car; I could only imagine it, imagine her spreading feiry wings, kept folded and weak for too long, hidden in the only place we could keep her, heal her, let her gather strength until she could fly again. 

I heard the echo. I heard her roar. I heard her fly. I heard the spitting guns from the drones, useless now against her. I looked at the others, beaten, dirty, bloody, grinning like goblins in the pile of coal. I looked down at Frost. He was the one who believed from the start. I was just a mean, old, drunken engineer he'd dragged along. I wanted to tell him he was right. I wanted to tell him I owed him that drink. I wanted to tell him I was sorry I laughed at him. I wanted to tell him monsters were real, and they were fucking beautiful.

But he'd never hear it now.
It's 2015. Let's all pull the pins from our grenades of hope and throw 'em as far as we can. Fire in the hole.
Journals of Magnificence
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My grandmother told me stories of how the #DeviantArtApp would visit the house while I slept and leave me candy and presents in hidden places.

As I grew older, and the candy and the presents never appeared, I stopped believing. Then I fell in love, and we had children of our own. I had all but forgotten Grandmother's old tales, until one bright December morning when my little boy burst from his bedroom, arms laden with candy and toys. "Dada! Dada!" he exclaimed, "I found them in my shoes! And under the bed! And in my dresser drawers! All over!"

I shed a tear.  And then, I told him the story.

The #DeviantArtApp was real.
"One of her students updated the biblical story of Jesus handing out fish and bread to the poor and depicted Jesus giving marijuana to the sick."…

Was the story topic appropriate to the assignment?
Should the teacher have resigned?
Was the religious student/parents right to be offended, and if so, to take action?
Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen. You did it right. 

In my professional life, I've been a part of more than one major rebranding effort, and from what I've seen in the "Our Story" rundown, it looks like you guys pulled out all the stops and gave the task its due.

I appreciate it. Well done, well thought, and well bled.


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